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Friday, October 15, 2010

Changes changes changes. Work work work.

Thanks for all of you who have continued to keep up with this blog and send me letters of encouragement and thanks. I am very happy to know I keep finding readers. I have gone back and reedited most of Guerrilla Camping and am working on laying it out to either self publish or pimp out.

The blackpacker persona exists today only as a spark in my soul, the foundation of who I have become. I've settled in Mendocino county, married my fiance, and had a son. I still work at the farm supply, and have started doing all the marketing for them.

I've got to be one of the only people in the world who could decide it was time to grow up and get serious with life and go back into graphics design. Well, marketing.

Those of you who followed my blogs on GNN when I was posting as hagcel will understand this immediately, as most of the issues I covered revolved around media literacy, culture jamming and memetic engineering. For those of you who tuned in as I started writing about my lifelong hobby as a vagabond, it might seem a bit confusing.

The primary reason I am doing this is because my community needs me. Seriously. Small businesses are buried in search engines even in local results. It seems that unless you make wine and use a Napa, SF or New York ad firm, you don't exists around here.

It took me less than one week to fix that at the farm supply, and over six months, I have nailed down every relevant search result for our business and was able to build some markets that are particularly favorable to my ethics (organic nutrients, sustainable micro-farms, and self-sufficiency), so I can still sleep at night even though I'm paying taxes and being a legitimate member of society.

So, I've restarted the marketing and design firm from SF, and am going to try and make enough money to give my son the ability to go to college without going to war.

Urban Merit is a full service Ukiah marketing and design firm that works to build our local economy by supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. We specialize in search engine management, brand development and outreach and print and web design. Our team has been assembled from many parts of the state to create a dynamic and fully featured marketing firm.

Our website, is currently in stasis and will launch sometime this weekend. Once my book is finished, you will be able to buy it there or find out where to buy it form there.

Thanks for sticking around.

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