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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey! I'm over here!

You know, I'm a lifestyle migrant; Offline and on. That said, you can keep up with my current projects at work over at REDACTED. There you will find info on our gardens, grow rooms, chicken coops, and helpful tips on everything from erosion control to treating mite infestations in chickens.

Guerrilla Camping is still going, but since it's been a few years since I had internet with anything but that dumb phone, posts are still going to be intermittent. Big news coming up soon though, so stay posted.

For all of you who followed my stuff on GNN, drop me a line! I miss you!


  1. Hey BP. I used to lurk on GNN, DJ_Farnaby. The one that asked you for a guerrilla homestead guide... I was wondering if I could interview you for my senior seminar project in anthropology on climate change/peak oil/collapse, and building resilient communities in response. my email is


  2. Hey man, what did happened to your blog on gnn? I wish I had saved all that useful information to my hard drive. What about that idea of publishing a book?

    I and my girl-friend moved to a smaller town where we can find land to do some gardening. It will take some time before I can buy something yet, but at least now I have a little of space in the house we are living. I was at Sao Paulo, Brazil, and followed your advice to begin to garden something. I began with pots, but there was no more space for pots! The idea took over me, I had to have some land. Now at least I have a backyard, I wake up hearing the birds singing, I have three dogs... But I still work in a financial institution, 3km from my house.

    Here we have internet via radio.

    I miss you too, it would be great if you get better internet access to tell us about your achievements.
    By reading your recent posts, it doesn't seem like you are expecting doomsday to come soon, as you seemed to be when you wrote that blog on gnn... Am I right? I would prefer if things get worse faster in the world...

    We are expecting to hear more from you.


  3. Ask and ye shall receive! A number of life changes have led to 16mbs cable internet. My apologies and sincere thanks to those of you who have kept in touch through comments and e-mail. I'd been kind of a long hard haul, and I can use some therapy right about now. Prepare for ramblings on much more than camping.

  4. It's great to hear from you again! You are a hero to us. You inspire us. Don't be afraid to show your weaknesses, as they only will show us that you are as human as the rest of us. When I began to read your old blog, I was living in the biggest city in Brazil: Sao Paulo. I began to cultivate some herbs in pots there, but soon there was no more space. Now i'm living in the countryside, I and my girlfriend. Althought i don't have much space to cultivation yet, but it's already much better than Sao Paulo. I'm getting ready to go to another house, near here, to live in the land of a friend that is living from organic farming. I think it will happen in a couple of months. I have internet via radio here, but maybe I won't have it in my next home. I'm studying fukuoka books. I want to begin to cultivate rice and all the other things that I need for eating.

    Next plan is to get enough money for buying some land around here. But it will take some more time.

    About your material that was published on gnn, why don't you make a pdf out of it? I want that material, but not only for myself, i want it to be available for everybody on the internet!

    Let's keep in touch! It make us stronger!

    bigatojj at google email, aka gmail.

    Do you use some instant messaging or don't have time for that?

  5. so happy to have found you here, was a huge fan on gnn, even printed most of the black packer series, now if i could only find it.... anyway glad to have a site to follow you again, thanks for your good words and info!(fairness on gnn)

  6. Fairness, I now have the original blogs up on here, along with the original commentary thanks to Floyd over at the GNN Archive.