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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Dying of Thirst - Guerrilla Camping 101.6

Draft originally posted at The Guerrilla News Network. Included here with GNN commentary courtesy of the GNN Archive.
4 years ago

You know I’m a camper guy too, maybe not as advanced as you are but I know some things.
My main areas are fire and navigation (no, I dont use GPS, mainly because they dont have maps from were I live) but I didnt know how to collect water.
Thx for the data

4 years ago

Good blog, now I’m thirsty…

4 years ago

you can always evaporate and condensate the water from your own urine. there are a few ways, but i think the most practical is to dig a hole, piss in it, and place a cup or bowl, or even bark or leaf if necessary, in the middle of the hole, and put a shirt or better a tarp or plastic bag with a rock in the middle so it droops at a point above the container so the condesation runs down and drips in. life or death man. LOL

4 years ago

oh yeah you’ll have to anchor whatever you put over the hole, just with rocks or something

4 years ago

I always had a feeling ss drank his own piss. My suspicions are now confirmed.
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4 years ago

I travelled through West Africa once and when we were in Ghana (beautifull country btw) we could chose between 2 types of water: “piu watha” (pure water) and “ice watha” (ice water).
The pure water is water like we buy it in bottles, only it comes in little (sealed) plastic sacks. This was considered safe to drink.
The ice water is tapwater in platic sacks. Since this water isn’t treated, it is considered not so safe.
Ice water is cheaper then pure water.
Every tourist buys pure water of course but because we had already travelled for 2,5 months before we arrived in Ghana our “bowel flora” was already “well adjusted” (read: we already had our share of travellers diarea) so we could drink the ice water.
What most tourists don’t realize that their food is also treated with tapwater, the icecubes in their coca cola are made of tapwater, ...

4 years ago

shit-eating grin

4 years ago

BM- yep, that’s why my diet always just goes to hell whenever I travel. I refuse to eat any salad or fresh veggie, unless I’m absolutely positive it’s been soaked in purified or iodinated water, and sometimes not even then. Since I’m usually to be found eating in the cheap backpacker joints, I just don’t even bother with it- cooked and piping hot is the only way I’ll eat it unless I’m cooking for myself.

4 years ago

When I went to Korea, Everyone told me not to drink the water, so I went out and started right up eating and drinking all the local food and water I could find. I was sick for a week and a half, then had no further problems the rest ofthe time was there. Thinking of it,with numerous trips to Mexico and friends around me getting sick, I havn’t since then. Hmmmmmmm. Antibiotics kill immunity as well as infection, good point…..
And fuck, BP do you work for the water dept?

4 years ago

Hagcel, good point about building immunities. However, you have to be careful, in some third world countries, surface water can be contaminated with far nastier stuff than Giardia or Crypto, including hepatitits. And I ain’t down for the jaundice.

4 years ago

Oh yeah. I learned something the other day….
Treat with iodine first, ignroe the neutralizer then filter, a 1 micron filter will filter out iodine. I met a couple who do group guides, taking out scout troops, etc… They use the same filter as I do, and say their filter elment has lasted fifteen years…. Woot.

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  1. What a great post thanks for sharing some great information.
    A lot of people just don't realize how contaminated most local and rural water sources really are until its either to late or they just don't think it will really hurt them.

    Anyhow, thanks again, some really good info to share.