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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catching up.....

Sorry for dropping out for so long. Wordpress for the iPhone is crap, and eats about 80% of the blogs I write on it, so I will be returning to one picture per post when blogging from the iphone.

What you have missed:

Windows: We now have six windows in the cabin, at $15 a piece from the local window and glass shop's bone yard, they were recycled, cheap AND double paned. The only thing more beautiful than the view from our kitchen windows are the friends who helped hang them.
Much love to E&Z, who have helped shed a little light in my life, more times than they might ever realize.

Did I mention E loves rockets...

So, a few weeks back, a mountain lion killed our neighbors dog, and has the entire hill on edge. The same kitty was also seen stalking another neighbors dogs, while they played with their kids. Since the first snow, though, when we saw some tracks out by the edge of our property line, we haven't seen the slightest trace, though the bobcats currently seems to be suffering from some sort of exhibitionism.

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