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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another rapid fire update....

Windmills suck. Or at least the project at hand has proven to suck. We are currently guinea pigs for a new VWAT design, and have been forced to rengineer every step of the way. Mis-shipped nuts, an outdated manual and an installer who dropped out before he ever dropped in have left us with an amazing erector set. I'm now off to replace every airfoil nut using a hand crafted tool, some pipe clamps and a bit of cursing.

The cabin is 99% wired, and I'm into the crafty stuff now, a single switch in the bedroom that turns on emergency lights, which will also turn on if the power goes out. Spot lights over the windows, DP switches, etc. Scored some cool fixtures on last weekends trip to the city.

We have also started insulating the cabin where ever possible. This morning, looking back at the cabin, I noticed a stange pattern of dew on the roof. It was still damp where the insulation was, meaning that less heat is escaping. The cabin is already begining to feel warmer.

LIfe is good.

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