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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Book Has Arrived!

It's been a long time coming, but the collections of blogs originally posted at GNN have been edited, collected, expanded and revised into a full book available on Amazon.

Meanwhile, I'm gradually moving away from online share-cropping and moving my blogging activities over to At the moment, I am updating daily journal entries from our long walk in 2006.

With the recent surge of adrenaline from selling a few dozen books, I am considering writing a new book, and would love to get some input on what you would like to read most.

The first idea is a practical guide to hitchhiking. This would be a much shorter companion volume to Guerrilla Camping, but would cover both sides of the hitch, from flyin' thumbs to giving rides.

The second idea is to complete a much more in depth book about fire in general, from campfires and cook stoves to wood stoves and forest fires. I started outlining this when I was learning how to live with a wood stove, but left it behind when I became a dad.

Again, thanks for sticking around, and be aware, I will be updating this spot less and less as I put more and more content over at guerrillacamping,net.

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