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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The garden begins!

Stupid blogpress! Spend tons of time writing a blog on this stupid little on-screen keyboard, and it gets eaten on upload. Let's try this again:

We finally got our first raised beds in! Just a simple winter start of garlic and onions, but we are excited! The soil is a mix of peat moss, horse poop and the native "soil"; alternately clay and soft sandstone. Smells rich, now let's just hope this is the last of our Indian summers, and we don't wind up with young shoots too early.

We also took the time to try an experiment with blackberry cultivation. Apparently, burying the tips of the plants at the onset of winter will encourage them to root. Come spring, you snip the arches in half, and you've got new blackberry starts to transplant.

The solar panels have also been transplanted qto the garden, giving us a substantial increase in power as the sun dips deeper and deeper into the southern horizon. I'll likely be running the last twenty feet of romax for lighting fixtures this evening.

This blogpress program is buggy as hell, and will not scroll down enough for me to see what I am typing, so I'll write more later.

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  1. If you need blackerries - you should come over to our farm - I have zillions :)