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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Into the winter...

And off we go into winter… The rains are supposed to arrive tonight, and carry on until Tuesday, ending the wonderful indian summer we have been having. I was very thankful to have the earlier rains, as they gave us a chance to see what needed to be done before the season begins in earnest. I expect to be out with a pick and shovel on Saturday trenching out the drive way to prevent a recurrence of the river-runs-through-it episode we encountered a few weeks ago.

Summer was good, we got a lot done at the ranch, definitely more than the cabin, but I still managed to get the second floor supported, sub floor laid, some windows installed, and of course, the immense leveling and clearing that led to the wedding back in August.

I expect a lot of work to get done with the coming rains as ranch work generally slows down this time of year. We’ll be placing the final support beam Sunday, and from there, I get to work on pulling in walls, finishing the window installations, and from there, it should be a short matter of drywall and flooring before I get to start working on the artistic side of cabin building.

Bring on the rain!

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